The importance of sustainability on natural resource management aspect must be seen as an instrument for conserving the biological biodiversity to enhance our living concept through maintaining the balance of resources base. But unfortunately, sustainable natural resources management is hard to be adopted while communities and other entities that participate within are still challenged with economic and operational problems. In most cases, forest-based communities in Indonesia still adopt the unsustainable way in their common practices to dig the potentials contained within the ecological biodiversity.

This has been proven in accord to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) data, whereby from 1.5 million ha of total community forest in this country, only 0.12% of total area has been managed sustainably by following FSC standard.

This problem of inappropriate management of natural resources has intensified into a largely complex matter of communities’ welfare and environmental sustainability. Since local communities are in nowhere near the official protection to get the assurance on the market demands and retail price for natural resources-derived products, they oftentimes get the lower price on the trading market. Furthermore, low bargaining position to obtain capital and limited access to modern forest management methods led to inefficient forest planning and operation as well as difficulty to scale up the business. Therefore, a well-rounded solution is needed to engage community to adopt and implement a sustainable forest management.

SOBI therefore presents to provide better and more long-term alternative in order to gain a better access to sustainable market for natural resource-derived products by acting as capital and market consolidator for community-based business with a fairly international price on retail while ensuring that the sustainability of forest meets FSC standard. SOBI ensures that prosperity of communities is highlighted while on the other hand guarantees the natural resource management to be environmentally sustainable and socially just.

SOBI’s initial phase of development was started in 2016 with the next stage of growth projection accentuates the expansion of partnership and cooperatives establishment to several provinces across Indonesia archipelago.

Our mission is to apply a business-minded approach and the power of the market to solve social and environmental issues based on 2 principals: shared-ownership and sustainable management of the resources.

We envision to be the biggest community based social enterprise for sustainable natural resource management in Southeast Asia by 2030.