Are you one of the furniture producers, processed foods and beverages companies, or retail consumers which need the ample supply of woods from a reliable and perpetual source to achieve the continuity of your business?

SOBI’s solution to provide the certified woods (half and
fully-processed) will anticipate your current needs.

SOBI aspires to facilitate the demand in providing the sustainable certified woods for potential buyers including domestic and foreign buyers. Our woods are FSC – certified and have gone through several processes of grading to deliver a better timber quality. If you are interested in buying our graded & certified woods, jump to the next page to get the detailed information of our timber products.


SOBI receives the ample wood supply from the community-based cooperatives, KWLM (Koperasi Wana Menoreh Lestari) in Kulonprogo Yogyakarta and KHJL (Koperasi Hutan Jaya Lestari) in South Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi. Cooperatives supply customers with different product types through certain purchase methods.

a. FSC timber (teak, mahogany, albizia and rosewood) is sold to furniture companies with FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification in the form of logs (unprocessed). Cooperatives will create a contract with such companies specifying among other things:

  • Volume needed (m3)
  • Delivery period(s)
  • Type, length, diameter and cluster (super/non-super) of the logs
  • Amount of down payment (first installment) and schedule of the remainder payment
  • How the grading is done

And then, from this document, purchase orders (PO) will be derived, with volumes and periods (weekly or monthly) that is adjusted with the cash flow condition of both cooperatives and the buyer.

b. Non-FSC timber is sold as logs or as processed boards or blocks. For half-processed timber, cooperatives sell them as building material (roofing, window, door) to smaller shops. Payment is done in full upon delivery.