SOBI’s economic impacts in developing the sustainable business of natural resource management cover the associated acceleration in terms of system, effectivity, and productivity.


SOBI enables the smallholder forest owners to efficiently exploit the market opportunity by implementing the system that simplifies the certification process (FSC) for natural resources-derived products. This system will provide technical assistance and internal audit conduction required so the certification is cost-efficient.

The supply and demand of FSC-certified wood in Indonesia have duplicated to 2.4 times compared to regular woods. These certified woods provide the better incentives for communities with different percentage of market price ranging from 21 – 46%. SOBI has facilitated 800% broader access for purchasing certified products to the market annually.


SOBI’s more efficient operation has reduced 80% of the duration intervals in registration, inventory, and harvest document processing.


Along its 6 months of sales activities, SOBI has utilized 81% of its Annual Allowable Cut to utilize more efficient trees replanting scheme thus the economical demands and sustainable-based principles are met.