PT Sosial Bisnis Indonesia (SOBI) was established in 2016 by Telapak with the mission of using a business minded approach and the power of the market to solve social and environmental issues based on 2 principals: shared-ownership and sustainable management of the resources. We envision that SOBI will become a new ideal model of corporation that is able to balance the business need of creating profit to fuel future growth with the social goal of developing a fairly-distributed wealth society. These goals are reflected in the ownership structure of the company which combines commercial funding from the private sector and grants from the non-profit sector which then be converted into the ownership of the cooperatives under SOBI management.
In the initial phase, SOBI will apply this concept in the forestry business by acting as a trading arm and a manufacturer of wood-related products. The wood that is used will be sourced from smallholders-owned forests that are managed with a strict-sustainability standard. SOBI roles will be to oversee the implementation of best-practices in forest management, group-certify the forest under its management, professionally manage the wood-related business, and consolidate the marketing effort of wood-related products, allowing the smallholder forest owners to earn a better living which then also impacts their families and communities.